HipTV LLC is a state-of-the-art production company that uses the latest technology and storytelling technique to help move your target audience to action. We give you the Fifth Avenue look at a price that won’t break the bank.just-logo-2017-squareWe work expertly in different styles and formats including:

  • Webcasting

  • Webseries

  • Facebook Live

  • Livestream

  • Documentaries

  • Commercials

  • PSAs

  • DVDs

  • Dramatic

  • Award shows

  • Animation

  • YouTube Channels

    We have the latest digital cinema cameras with 8k resolution that surpasses 35mm film. We have steadicams, sliders, boom arms, drones, and dollies to move the camera, the audience and put poetry in every production.

shotonred_small_transparentIn this electronic age, attention spans are short and people are being bombarded with content, all competing for their attention. We work with clients to hone their message. Our finely crafted, effective, and entertaining short movies cut through the noise, engage your audience, and get you noticed.background-paradealpha

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